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Features of Agni Protection Smoke Detector

Agni protection Smoke Detector


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Features Of Agni Protection Smoke Detector

♦ Agni Protection Smoke Detector
♦ Built In Microprocessor
♦ Built in Magnetic Test Switch
♦ Algorithm Maps For Faster Response
♦ With Drift Compensation To Ensure Constant Sensitivity
♦ Sensing Chamber For Exceptional Dust Proof Ability & LED For 360º Vision
♦ Built In Remote Indicator Output
♦ Unique Low Profile Design
♦ EN54 Compliance
♦ 16 Months Warranty
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Brand Agni Protection
Operating Voltage: 12VDC~28VDC
Standby Current ≤60μA
Alarm Current: 10mA≤I≤30mA
Fire LED: Red, Flash periodically (2s~4s per once ) in normal state, and illuminate in alarming.
Remote indication output Directly connecting with remote indicator(built in 1k resistor in series, output voltage is 5V); don’t illuminate when in polling; illuminate in alarming.
MAX. ripple voltage 2V(peak to peak value)
Alarm Reset Instant power down (2s Min, 1.0VDC Max)
Power-up Time: ≤10s
Wiring: Two wire, polarity-sensitive
Ingress Protection Rating: IP23
Environment Temperature: 10℃~+55℃
Relative Humidity: ≤95%, non condensing
Material and Color of Enclosure: ABS, white (RAL 9016)
Dimension: Diameter: 100mm Height: 45mm (without base)
Mounting Hole Spacing: 45mm~75mm
Weight: about 110g
Warranty: 16 Months


Additional Information

Brands Agni Protection
Types No
Sprinkler Types No
Weight No
Zones No
rep zones No
talk_zone No
Detector Types Smoke
Hose Length No
Metal Types No
Hydrant Valve No
Collecting Heads No
Hose Box Doors No