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Ahuja ABM-301M Microphones

Ahuja PA Boundary Layer Microphones ABM-301M | Ahuja ABM-301M Microphones


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Features: Ahuja ABM-301M Microphones

♦ Ahuja ABM-301M Microphones
♦ Ahuja PA Boundary Layer Microphones
♦ Elegantly designed boundary layer microphones for table-top or
stage use.
♦ Provided with push on/off mute switch, LED indicator, rubber
base for reducing shock noise, and a switchable bass filter to
eliminate unwanted low frequency noise.
♦ Extra smooth wide frequency response and clear.
♦ Highly intelligible sound.
♦ Use with 48V phantom supply.
♦ ABM-301M is omnidirectional, and recommended for conference tables, video conferencing etc.
♦ Suitable for use with 48V phantom supply model APS-302 or equivalent.
♦ 12 Months Warranty
Deliver to your doorstep in 7-10 days.



Model Ahuja ABM-301M Microphones
TYPE Ahuja PA Boundary Layer Microphones
Color Black
Frequency Response 40-16,000Hz
Sensitivity 15mV/Pa
Impedance 100W
Bass Filter -10dB at 80Hz
Cable Length 5.8m
Power Requirement 9V-52V DC
Warranty 12Months


Additional Information

Brands Ahuja
Amplifiers No
Audio Watts No