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Fire Extinguishers

CO2 Squeeze Grip type  portable fire extinguisher 2 KG

Ceasefire Fire Extinguisher CO₂ Squeeze Grip Type - 2 Kg


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Features of Ceasefire Fire Extinguisher CO₂ Squeeze Grip Type - 2 Kg

♦ Ceasefire Fire Extinguisher CO₂ Squeeze Grip Type - 2 Kg
♦ CO2 Extinguishers Are The Perfect Weapon Against Large
♦ Hard To Fight Class B and C Fires.
♦ CO2 Extinguishers Offer Higher Storage Capacity
♦ Squeeze Grip Activation Rapidly In An Emergency.
♦ Squeeze Grip Activation Eliminates All Risk Of Freeze Burns
♦ Sensitive Equipment
♦ Fights Class A, B, C and Electrically Started Fires.
♦ Virtually every Ceasefire extinguisher has ISO 9001 and CE
certifications ISI standards.
♦ Easy snap safety seal: A completely tamper-proof safety seal that
can be broken in seconds.
♦ 5 year Warranty
Deliver to your doorstep in 7-10 days.



BRAND Ceasefire
Gross Weight 9.1 Kg
Empty Weight 7.1 Kg
Can Height 595MM
Diameter 108MM
Discharge time Minimum 8 Secs
Discharge Mechanism Controllable
Applicable on Class B,C and electrically started Fire
Rating 8B
Can Construction Hot Spinning/Forging
Valve Construction Forging & Machining
Internal Coating Of Can Not Applicable
External Coating Of Can Spray Painting
Approval CE & ISI
Sheet Metal Thickness 4.00 MM
Warranty 5 Year


Additional Information

Brands Ceasefire
Types CO₂ Type
Sprinkler Types No
Weight <5Kg
Zones No
rep zones No
talk_zone No
Detector Types No
Hose Length No
Metal Types No
Hydrant Valve No
Collecting Heads No
Hose Box Doors No