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Features of ceasefire escape route signages

Ceasefire Escape Route Signages


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Features Of Ceasefire Escape Route Signages

♦ Ceasefire Escape Route Signages
♦ 2 mm-Thick Photoluminescent plastic Outer Cover
♦ Highest Quality UV Resistant Glass Paint
♦ Material: Non-Radioactive, Non-Phosphorous, Non-Toxic
♦ 215 mcd/sq.m Luminance
♦ 5 Year Warranty
Deliver to your doorstep in 7-10 days.



Brand Ceasefire
Outer Cover 2 mm-thick photoluminescent plastic
Paint Highest quality UV resistant glass paint
Frame Aluminium made
Material non-radioactive, non phosphorous, non-toxic and lead free
Glowing Time 3100 minutes
Luminance 215mcd/sq.m
Warranty 5 Year
Standard Size 12 inch x 6 inch


Additional Information

Brands Ceasefire
Types No
Sprinkler Types No
Weight No
Zones No
rep zones No
talk_zone No
Detector Types No
Hose Length No
Metal Types No
Hydrant Valve No
Collecting Heads No
Hose Box Doors No