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Features of Ceasefire Wireless Smoke Detectors

Ceasefire Wireless Smoke Detectors


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Features of Ceasefire Wireless Smoke Detectors

♦ Long Battery Life
♦ Loud (85db) alarm sound at 3m (10ft)
♦ Sound and transmitted alerts (smoke, tamper, low battery)
♦ Audio and visual sensitivity degradation indicators Notify when the sensor needs to be cleaned
♦ Back tamper
♦ Ceiling mounted
♦ Ultra sensitive photo-electric device senses smoke in the 0.33 micron range.
♦ Audible maintenance warning
♦ Fully certified by the most strict and demanding international standards such as EN 14604, EN 54-5 For safety products in Europe
♦ 12 Months Warranty
Deliver to your doorstep in 7-10 days.



Ceasefire Smoke Detector Technology are sensitive to the accumulation of dirt on the sensor. In response to such an occurrence, a maintenance event is generated, indicating sensor problems. This self-diagnostic capability significantly enhances detector reliability. The Photo Electric Smoke Detectors detect even the tiniest trace of smoke and alert the Control Panel.

Brand Ceasefire
Type Smoke Detectors
Cover Range 50 - 100 cubic meters (1770 - 3530 cubic ft.)
Battery Type 3 V CR123A,Life Expectancy 5 years for CR123A, Weight: 165g (5.8oz)
Operating Temperature –10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Operating Environment Indoor
Dimensions 120 × 58 mm (2.3 × 4.7in)


Additional Information

Brands Ceasefire
Types No
Sprinkler Types No
Weight No
Zones No
rep zones No
talk_zone No
Detector Types No
Hose Length No
Metal Types No
Hydrant Valve No
Collecting Heads No
Hose Box Doors No