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Finolex RG6 200 Mtr Coaxial Cable

Finolex RG6 200 Mtr Coaxial Cable


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Features: Finolex RG6 200 Mtr Coaxial Cable

♦ This cable is with central conductor of Copper Clad Steel (CCS) .Due to the “Skin effect” CCS conductor is
used for long distance trunk transmission, as it offers high strength, economy & longer life. In this type of
cable, outer copper layer takes care of high frequency signal transmission & Steel takes care of the load.
However it has higher conductor resistance due to steel at the center of conductor.

♦ These cables withstand all mechanical abuses during operation and are extensively used in DTH & Drop Cable
applications without power pass requirement.
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Finolex co-axial cables used for DTH and CATV networks are designed for optimum performance and value for money. The arithmetic is very simple. The cables offer higher bandwidth, so your customers can receive the maximum number of channels with a high level of picture and sound quality. These cables are uniquely designed for specialised applications. This translates to more happy customers, larger cable TV networks and more profits for the cable operators. The cable is with central conductor of Copper Clad Steel (CCS) which offers high mechanical strength and hence can support longer span without stretching. The cable withstands all mechanical abuses during operations. Due to the principle of skin effect, the copper cladding over steel conductor carries signal without any loss of signal quality.


Additional Information

Brands Finolex
Resolution No
Types RG6 Coaxial
Power Supplies No