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Karam Safety Eyewear Indoor/Outdoor User's Choice Model ES 006 | karam Safety Spectacles ES006


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Features of Karam Safety Eyewear Indoor/Outdoor User's Choice Model ES 006

♦ Karam-ES006 Eye Protection Products
♦ Combines safety with user compliance.
♦ Equipped with soft nose pad to provide extra comfort.
♦ Adjustable temperature length.
♦ Hard Coated Lens for scratch resistance.
♦ Material used polycarbonate.

Lens Features

♦ Lens Features
♦ Optical Class 1
♦ Hard-coated lens for Scratch Resistance
♦ Lens Scale Number: 2- 1.2 (clear)
♦ Lens Scale Number: 5- 1.7 (Indoor/Outdoor)
♦ Material : Polycarbonate
♦ Hard-coated for Scratch Resistance

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Brand karam   View all Karam Products
Type Eyewear   View all Eyewear Products
Model Es006
Material Polycarbonate: Hard-Coated Lens for Scratch Resistance
Certificate EN 166:2001
Class Optical Class 1
Size Large
Specific Uses of the Product Safety Spectacles
Area of Application Use in areas where the light coditions change from normal to bright.
Key Features Designed for both indoor as well as outdoor usage, and fitted with light mirror coated lens, the ES 006 is an ultimate symbol of fashion and styling, coupled with complete eye safety. Lens scale number: 2-1.2(for clear lens) Indoor/Outdoor Lens - For use in all conditions of light modulations Models of Spectacles that fit over your prescription glasses as well Sleek and fashionable, offering all comfort features, Redefining the ergonomics, Adjustable models to fit one and all
Warranty 1 years


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