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Essl ML10-ID Smart fingerprint door lock system,securekart

ESSL ML10-ID Fingerprint Scanner Lock-Handle System



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Features of Essl ML10-ID Smart Fingerprint Door Lock System

♦ Essl ML10-ID Smart Fingerprint Door Lock System
♦ Capacitive sensing technology - Touch to Open
♦ Independent clutch motor design under patent protection
♦ Idle handle,latch and like is reversible design for all door open direction
♦ Support Passage mode-Normal Open
♦ Ease to install,Program & use - No wiring is required
♦ Warranty as per manufacturer.
Deliver to your doorstep in 7-10 days.



The essl ML10-ID smart fingerprint door lock system comes with integrated fingerprint lock system as well as RFID Card technology.The device has contain smart locking with American standard single latch.Design of the device brushed metal finish.

DESCRIPTION: Specification of ESSL ML10-ID Fingerprint Scanner Door Lock
Brand Essl   View all Essl Products
Model Essl 10-ID
Type Fingerprint Door Lock   View all Fingerprint Door Lock Products
Material Zinc Alloy
Mortise American Standard Single Latch
Fingerprint Sensor 500 DPI Optical Sensor
User Capacity 180
Fingerprint 90
Card 90
Admin 20
Normal User 120
Temorary User 40
Identification Speed Less than 1.50 seconds
FAR Less than 0.0001%
FRR Less than 1%
Operating Temperature -20°C – 55°C
Power Supply 4 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Battery
Backup Unlock Mechanism Emergency Battery / Mechanical Key
LED Indicator Red / Green
Door Thickness (mm) Standard: 39 to 46 / 47 to 54
Door Thickness (mm) Optional: 30 to 38 / 55 to 60
Dimensions Back (mm) 155 x 69 x 25 (L x W x D)
Warranty As Per Manufacturer


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