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Features of Tuna NX003 Upright Fire Sprinkler

Tuna Upright Fire Sprinkler(Model-NX003)


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Features of Tuna NX003 Upright Fire Sprinkler

♦ Tuna NX003
♦ Tuna Upright Fire Sprinkler
♦ Standard Quick
♦ 1/2 /15mm Orifice Size
♦ UL/ULC/MEA/CCA Approvals
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Model NX 003
Respose Standard Quick
Coverage Produce a hemispherical water distribution pattern below the deflector
Installation Pentent installed in accordance with the standard installation rules recognized by the applicable Listing or Approvel agency(Ref. NFPA 13 requirements.)
Orifice Size 1/2 /15mm
Thread Size 1/2 pipe thread
Temp.Rating 135°F/57°C,155"F/57°C,177/°F/789, 200°F/93
Maximum Service Pressure 175 psig / 1.2MPa(12 bar)
Listing and Approvals UL/ULC/MEA/CCA(CHINA)
Finishes Natural brass,Chrome plate
Technical Data Document TD01511


Additional Information

Brands Tuna
Types No
Sprinkler Types Upright
Weight No
Zones No
rep zones No
talk_zone No
Detector Types No
Hose Length No
Metal Types No
Hydrant Valve No
Collecting Heads No
Hose Box Doors No