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Zicom Model Quanta Wireless Camera | Zicom Quanta Baby Watch Camera

Zicom Model Quanta Wireless Camera | Zicom Quanta Baby Watch Camera


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Features :- Zicom Quanta Baby Watch Camera

♦ Human Motion Detection to indicate and let you know when your family members arrive home
♦ Storage Compatibility 64 GB
♦ Two Way Communication helps you communicate and keep a tab on them even while you are away
♦ Alarm Control to raise a signal when you spot any unfamiliar activity while you are out
♦ H.264 Video Recording
♦ Smartphone and Laptop CompatibilityCompatibility
♦ Simple and easy to install meaning, you can Plug and Play at your preferred location
♦ Warranty - 1 year
Deliver to your doorstep in 7-10 days.



With Zicom Quanta Baby Watch Camera, the safety of your child in your hands

As a parent, you don’t want to leave your child alone even for a minute. We understand that.

Zicom shares your concern and promises to give more power to you with Baby Watch. We assure to help you leave your baby in total care while you are away at work.

Zicom Quanta Baby Watch is a 1.3 Megapixel camera with inbuilt Mic and Speaker. The Unique Username and Password gives access to the Camera only to Authorized Users - you may share. Watch your baby on your mobile while being in office or travelling, without actually being at home. Monitor any suspicious activity which can harm the security of your child as the Baby Watch Quanta pushes a live video feed into a portable mobile in case of a movement.


Additional Information

Brands Zicom
Resolution 1.3 MEGA PIXEL
Types No
Power Supplies No